How do I go on strike?
Go on strike by putting your shop on Vacation Mode, and changing your Vacation Announcement to tell your customers about the strike. April 11-18, 2022. Copy-pasteable messages are available here.

I can’t afford to put my shop on vacation mode, can I still join?
We want to send a strong public message that we are 100% committed to this cause. If you can, please strike with us! But we also understand that for many of us, Etsy holds all of the cards. People who can only strike for one day (April 11) are welcome in our movement, as are people who can’t strike at all but support the strike.

I’m concerned about the fallout from putting my shop on vacation mode, is there another way I can join the strike?
Instead of using vacation mode, deactivate all of your listings, and change your regular shop announcement. Several of our members have reported that this does not reset your place in search to the same extent as Vacation Mode.

One of our members also had the idea to add a thousand dollars to every price in their shop, and change listing titles to info about the strike. We welcome any creative ideas you might have to refuse sales for that week, and let your shoppers know what’s going on with the Etsy platform.

Will striking put me in danger of retaliation from Etsy?
As long as striking members follow Etsy TOS about fee avoidance, we do not believe it will cause retaliation. It would be a PR nightmare for Etsy to retaliate against striking members, particularly after the press coverage our movement has generated.

I’m a vintage seller, am I welcome to join?
Yes! We ❤ vintage sellers!

How can I get more involved with the strike?
Get more involved by joining our communities on Reddit and/or on Discord. Thank you so much for your support!