Etsy Announces $40M CEO Bonus After #EtsyStrike

Crain’s New York Business reported just after the strike that Etsy CEO Josh Silverman was awarded more than $40 [...]

Update on our Letter Writing Campaign

An update on our Letter Writing Campaign

Howdy, Etsy sellers and supporters! Mattie and Valerie here with a quick update on the letter-writing campaign to [...]

Let’s Talk About What We Accomplished

The strike is over. Most of us are heading back to work now. Well, most of us were working during the strike too. [...]

It’s Time for the Next Step!

Hello everyone! Last Monday, we sent Etsy a letter, detailing our demands and asking them to open a dialogue with [...]

Please Don’t Lie to Yourself!

Hi everyone. It’s Kristi. I’ve seen a lot of talk and advice about Etsy “alternatives” that is making me [...]

Etsy’s “Response” Falls Short

Last night we discovered a tweet by Etsy's founder, Rob Kalin. He broke a 7.5 year Twitter silence to come out in [...]

A Copy of a Letter Sent to Etsy

Edit: 4/18/22 - If you just typed in and you're seeing this post - you're in the wrong [...]

Resources for Striking Sellers

Show your support for the strike with these customizable shop banners and avatars. Click any of the images below to [...]

Important Announcements for Striking Sellers

Strike day is approaching very very quickly!  I have some important announcements for you. First, there is now [...]

Sample Vacation Mode Announcements

We wanted to make things as easy as possible for all of us on strike day - so here are some sample messages you can [...]